Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, December 3, 2009

hair to dye for

that is a lame ass title but whatever. you get it. i dyed my hair.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i AM permitted to drive

Hell yeah dude!I got my mo'fuggin permit today!

Pretty shitty process though. It's the DMV, what do you expect?Well this time was extra shitty because the lady that gives you your number(G245,G288), and is SUPPOSED to check your paperwork so you don't have a problem, screwed me over! When I finally get to the window, the lady says that she needs the original copy of my birth certificate. Yeah, I didn't have it. So we basically waited for nothing. Horseshit. It was time to pick up young Krystal at St. Eddie's so we picked her up, then went home to get the OG birth certificate. That somehow took about an hour and we waited yet again. I was so tired and I had a headache. Finally, our number gets called and everything else runs smoothly from there on out. I didn't know that I was going to get my photo taken so when they told me, I was like...crap. There was nothing to do but comply and take a picture; it is just a picture. When she gave it to me I felt really old. So I took my test. The lady graded it in front of me and I HATE that. I can't stand people reading my stuff in front of me. I was so nervous I had to cover my eyes hahahh! I opened my eyes when I heard the marker of doom snap open. At first, she only dotted two on the front. I was so relieved...then she flipped it over. That's when the fun began. I knew I was going to get a shit load wrong in the end--like I always do--so I grew tense. Then she deCAPitated(hahah get it? deCAPitated like taking off the markers head but it's really the cap? XD) the red devil and went dot-happy. I always cut it close. I was mentally keeping a tally in my head and I counted six; I was waiting to see if it'd reach nine XD. I saw her write a big "-6" on it and I give Mom the "HELL YEAH!" look. Hahahah! I was so happy. I hate retaking tests and stuff, such a hassle. That's why I stress out so much about my work. If I don't do it the first time, there's about a 97% chance I won't ever do it again, unless I REALLY have to.
Speaking of retaking things, I am proud to announce that I will NOT be retaking Chemistry 1B! HELL. YEAH. I totally hated it and there was no way I wanted retake a class that I already got credit for. Psh! So next semester is going to be great because it will be exactly the same as this semester's just "Library Science" for sixth period. That's basically a whole period with Chavira hahhahah fun :P With that settled, I updated Father on this news and he is now more lenient towards the idea of me traveling with the boys' tennis team. Now let me get this straight...I am not a whore. I don't want to travel with them so badly because they are boys, no. I love tennis and missing class/going home late for it just makes it that much better. And last year when I was with them all the time, I got mostly positive outcomes from it. From jv1 to v1? Damn. I'd like to thank boys' tennis for that :)
Ryan got me thinking about next year. I'm totally ready to chill after being a nerd. I always said that my freshman and senior years were going to be my easiest years. And you know what? I'm going to stick to that. I decided not to take the unnecessary classes like math and science. First of all, I am challenged in those areas with some exceptions. You really only need two years of science and three years of math anyways. I'll be done with those after this year...hopefully. So that gives me two extra periods. Here's what I decided:
AP Lit
AP Computer Science
Photo 2
History of Motion Pictures
Sound good? Yeah two AP classes and HOMP are not chill but I wanted to put a little more value into my diploma, okay? Besides, I need fillers and 1)why stop the above average Language Arts ride when I'm good at it and I've been doing it for the (soon to be) last two years? 2)computer science sounds really interesting and my friends will be with me...hopefully 3)HOMP would be cool so I can make the horror films I always think of in my head--weird but true. I think Photo 2, Computer Science, and HOMP could all tie together and I'd become this sickass movie maker or something. So do you get where I'm coming from? Next year will be chill and inspiring. Or at least I'm hoping to make it seem that way. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

sadie hawkins dance in my khaki pants

I found a Sadie Hawkins outfit for Joann and I.It's supposed to be a kind of 80's but Joann and I decided not to be totally 80's.We wanted something hot but going a little with the theme.Matching dresses were a must so we decided on red and blue.Joann and her date (Nick Tran) are going to wear red--matching of course so that leaves me and my date (Chris Tran) with blue.We figure that we should base our outfits on how our guys would look because hey,Joman and I can pull off anything!Hahahha!Here's Joman's outfit: strapless dress from Forever 21-$13.50

2. stirrup leggings Target-$6.99

3. peep toe flats shaped like this but a different color

4.beaded necklace (different color) Claire's-$3.50

This isn't the final outfit but right now we're just brainstorming.We'll probably change some things but that's my vision so far. My outfit will be pretty much the same just a different dress color.What do you think?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

first the worst, second THEE BEST

hell yeah dood.we are now second in league!we beat fricken POLY!holy crap?we beat them twice this season but today was tricky.sabrina swept,mary and nicole got 2 out of 3.mandrea won 1,catherine and i 2, and none for joann and arielle.omg.i swear i had to pull that last win out of my ass!!we really needed every was 3-3, then 6-6, then 8-8 and the last two were crazy close and was nicole and mary's sets.they were both down then won!
i would describe this wonderful day much more but i really want to hurry so i can get ready for tomorrow,finish pooline's present,and sleep early.i went to sleep at fricken 2 yesterday!ridishit!ha just made that up now.
so yeah i thought beating poly is a milestone in my life so yeah.had to jot it down :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

top ten reasons to date a tennis player

10- They're always looking for a good opportunity to come up.
9- They can do it with two people or four.
8- They have good hands.
7- They grunt when the action heats up.
6- They know how to make a racket.
5- They can hit it from all angles.
4- They got the endurace to last 3 hours - straight!
3- They're good with their balls.
2- They know just what to do with their stick.
1- Even when they aren't scoring, they're in love.

LMAO i found that on
cute and funny right?